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7 IT Stocks At Massive Discount | Shares for long term investment | long term investment portfolio

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35 thoughts on “7 IT Stocks At Massive Discount | Shares for long term investment | Long term investment portfolio”
  1. सर कोई ऐसे शेयर बताइए जो सस्ते हो 100₹ से कम प्राइस वाले फंडामेंटल मजबूत हो और बोनस- स्प्लिट देते हो। रिसर्च करके बताइये

  2. Thankyou for making good quality video. Please make video for present scenario for long term. Which available on discount in current market and in different sector. Please

  3. I used to be in a rented house
    One fine day I told my building owner about stock market…
    ………………. ……… ………….
    …….. ……………………………..
    Now we both….
    stay in Rented House…

  4. Investors needs to wait for reasonable correction in these stocks currently most of them are overvalued,pl don't expect similar returns in future like wise these stks gave during last year,

  5. Ye sari companies k PE ratio bht zyada you should advice other people that to invest in companies which have ratio from 10to 30 and that is the perfect proportion to buy a company according to me and Warren Buffett

  6. Hello! Bharat shankar Thanks for explaining the concept of Buy Back in detail,
    You are one of.the perfect share analysts I have came across
    I have one request
    In 2015 ING Vashya Bank, Merged with Kotak Mahindra Bank right?
    So could you pl. Create detail video on How the meger happened and what Happened to the retail share holders of the ING Vashya Bank?
    What was the share price of ING Vaishya Bank in 2015? And what was Happened to the ING Vaishya shares after merger ? What the ING Vaishya Bank share holder got in return of there ING Vaishya Bank shares that they were holding? It would be really great If you create detail video on that.
    Thank you!

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