Mon. Aug 29th, 2022

Hear from our legendary founder Mr. Bruce Halle who lived by a simple mantra; be honest, work hard, have fun, be grateful and pay it forward.
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20 thoughts on “A Word from Our Founder Mr. Halle | Discount Tire”
  1. @Discount tire pay attention to these comments I worked for this company for 7 years I watched the spirit of Discount tire die with Mr.Halle the culture the standard the compassion for their customers and their people does not exist it’s gone yesterday I was there taking a blown trailer tire in to get a new tire put on and order a new rim I had bent the rim as well and blown the tire I got out of my truck I was never greeted made eye contact with multiple tire techs not a single one acknowledged me I carried the tire in my self no problem I’m plenty capable of doing so but this same vibe that just felt like a lack of pride it felt like no one cared the culture was gone was in the showroom the salesman at the counter never acknowledged me or anyone else the phone was ringing non stop no one cared they where actually turned off in the showroom employees passed me going in and out of the service bays and the office trying their best to avoid speaking to me or any of the other customers in line it was crazy Iv been gone 4 years this was not discount tire this was just another tire store

    The way it used to be every tire tech was trained in the following
    Greet every customer that walks through the parking lot if you see them thank them for coming in

    Be clean shaven

    Work with a sense of urgency

    If you go up front to the showroom thank the customers for the patience and assure them someone will be right with them

    As a salesman you where trained to do the following

    Meet customers in the parking lot

    Identify their needs and wants

    Build a relationship with your customers be personable

    Be excited to greet your customers thank them for their business and choosing discount tire

    Answer the phone in 3 rings or less

    After being gone for nearly 5 years now I still remember our vision statement

    To be the best our unique success is based on caring for and cultivating our people delighting our customers and growing responsibly







    This company from what I can see is a shadow of what it used to be again it’s just another tire store to me now it hurts to say that

  2. Just bought my second pair of wheels and tires. Las vegas discount tires. Fantastic customer service. Love you guys. Shout out to Eric thanks brother. You made my experience easy as pie.

  3. I can't believe you guys just lowered your military discount from 10-5%. And what's with the mark up. In 2012 i bought rims and falken tires for 750 (about 50/50 rims and tires) for my miata. For my pathfinder today i was quoted 780 for a set of falken tires alone. I know they are larger tires but…. ???
    Im taking my business elsewhere. Ebay and my local tireshop for the win!

  4. i just stopped in at discount tire to have my tire checked because one of my tires was loosing was in janesville,wi. they removed tire and removed tire from the rim and cleaned the rim andinstalled tire onthe rim.did not charge me for the repair. it was not a tire that i purchased from them.i had not used them due to relocating . but because i was an old customer they did not charge me.every one i delt with was very easy to talk to and very helpful.will be purchasing my next set of tires from them.

  5. I am sure Mr Halle would be completely disappointed in the #failure of Discount Tire to care of their customers. After over three months they have failed to send out promised rebate. How many more people have they #rippedoff by hoping they will forget about their rebate? It is a shame and maybe be illegal !

  6. I did not realize he had passed away. Maybe that is why the company has got to hell! Use to be the best tire company around. Now they can’t even get air pressure correct.

  7. You closed the wrong store in Columbus Oh.. the Mill Run store was the best in the city.. Service and traffic at your other stores just sucks.. guess we go to Tire Discounters now… they are right next door

  8. Discount Tire was the only place I have used for my truck. On three separate occasions, they have broken something. The first & second time was cross-threaded lug nuts, the third time was the lug itself.

    Now they are telling me that my truck had spacers, but I have factory wheels. I never installed spacers, nor did they ever mention spacers in my previous visits. They provided me with a piece of paper the first time to get the cross-threaded stud repaired, but I lost that one. The second time, they never provided one. Now this last time, they are refusing to pay for the damage they created.

    I keep seeing new faces here, so I presume turnover is high and they employ unskilled labor. Mr. Halle would be ashamed!

  9. Discount tire I've done business there for 10 years I've not only had my two cars done I've had three of my company trucks done there,

    and I will never go back and do business with them again my son took his car in there yesterday 'cause he got a flat tire his car had been

    sitting in the driveway when he got the flat tire. I had looked at the tire before he went to discount tire with it there was no wrinkles in the

    sidewall the car hadn't been driven on the tire there are some rub marks from him bouncing off curbs when he parked, by the way the tires

    on his car had less than 5000 miles on them. He went to discount tire they told him tired was damaged and we've had a wrinkle sidewall so the

    tire had to be replaced not only did they have to replace that tire they had to replace the other tire on the opposite side so instead of just,

    repairing the flat and putting the tire back on the car they charge him for two brand new tires. I know in this pandemic things are tight but

    taking advantage of somebody that is inexperience in this way shows that they have no qualms and no business ethics at all. I strongly recommend

    that you never go to discount tire on north avenue Bloomingdale road's in Glendale heights'cause they obviously do not care about their customers

    all they care about is the money.
    Robert Smid

  10. The coercive quid pro quo you pressured You Tuber Schooliana with in order to get repaid for repairs of $1,500 due to clear negligence by your company doesn’t fare well with any customer or transparent business practices – they refused the money because of what you required & are consulting with an attorney,
    Trying to cover up negligence on your part is unconscionable!

  11. I just want to truly thank your Associate Logan T. Watkins for the great experience I had today! He was super friendly, very knowledgeable of the job needing to be done, and all around awesome! Your crew was also speedy and had me out of there in no time! I really appreciate Staff that go above and beyond customers' expectations. I hope you reward him with something great! Thanks again! I will definitely be back!

    Date: 3/30/21

    Sales Person: Logan T. Watkins (988)

    Store Location: 5540 Arapaho Rd, Dallas, TX 75248 (TXD 73)

  12. Just had my tires changed today I bought three tires in the past the fourth one went when I had no money or work they gave me a free tire made me a loyal customer for life then today when I went in I needed a patch they fixed it one of my tires was showing wires I told them I only had sixty dollars they got me nice used tire for 45 didn't charge me labor on it and I appreciate it alot makes me tear up there the best it was there store in broken arrow oklahoma

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