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Hello beautiful, I hope you have an amazing day. The links are down below. Welcome to Amazon must haves 2022 with links august part 3 amazon haul tiktok mashup 2022. Thank you for watching. As always, all the love!

Thank you to all the amazing TikTok creators for making these videos. Please go and support them on TikTok and social media. All the credit belongs to them and I do not own any of these TikTok videos.

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Links to products:
0:00 Apple MacBook Air:
Do What You Love LED Neon Signs:
Teddy Bears Slippers (10% discount):
0:19 Clip On Tray Sofa:
Couch Cup Holder:
0:35 flat water bottle:
Purse Light:
Personal Alarm (alterative-this is the one I currently have):
1:00 Astronaut Cat Lamp:
1:12 BrΓΌMate Hopsulator DUO 2-in-1 Can Cooler:
1:37 Phone Umbrella (26% discount):
1:49 One Cup of Two Different Drinks (13% discount):
2:05 Booster Fan:
2:25 Nugget Ice Maker (20% discount):
2:43 Large Travel Backpack (10% discount):
3:09 Ceiling Fan with Lights (40% discount):
4:01 NASALGUARD Allergy Relief:
4:27 Water Bottle Organizer:
4:48 Wickedbone Smart Bone :
5:24 Anti-Allergen Cordless Lightweight Stick Vacuum:
Steamer for Clothes (19% discount):
Packing cubes:
Handheld Mini Fan:
Bamboo Kitchen Cabinet Shelf:
5:45 Can Shaped Beer Glass:
Nespresso Vertuo Next Coffee (24% discount):
Reusable Glass Straw (50% discount):
Porcelain Dinnerware (18% discount):
Clear Acrylic Shelf:
Bathtub Caddy Tray (12% discount):
Floor Lamp (27% discount):
Red Light Bulb:
6:00 Cherry Kitchen Mittens:
Cherry measuring spoons:
Vintage Cherry Dot 4-Piece Rectangular Storage Set:
Cherry Swedish sponge cloth (16% discount):
Stemmed Stainless Steel Wine Glasses with Lid:
Pink Gumball Machine (40% discount):
Pink gumballs:
Fake cherries:
7:31 Best Knife Sharpener:
Foldable Silicone Trivets (13% discount):
Collapsible Funnel:
7:59 Collapsible Charger Organizer:
Power Strip:
8:21 Retractable Pull Out Ironing Board (alternative):
8:47 Mattress bean bag chair (14% discount):
9:17 Shower Filter:
10:03 Air Fryer Disposable Paper Liner:
10:18 Outlet Splitter Grounded Side Access:
The Pink Stuff:
Refrigerator Deodorizer:
10:52 Zoreya Makeup Brush Set (24% discount):
Peeling Pads:
Softdisc Menstrual Discs:
Tissue Box Cover (45% discount):
Pearl Headbands (30% discount):
12:17 The Clean Ball:
Hair Wax Stick (23% discount):
Cuticle Balm (25% discount):
Perfume Atomizer (36% discount):
Screen Cleaner:
Instant Beverage Cooler:
13:48 Microfiber Dish Drying Mat:
Felt Letter Board (20% discount):
Dry Erase Markers:
Aesthetic Mirror:

Links are affiliate links and I make a very small commission at no cost to those who use them. It helps me continue to make these videos.

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