Buying 5500 Cartel Coins In-Game for $20! (50% Subscriber Discount) SWTOR Cartel Market

SWTOR Buying 5500 Cartel Coins In-Game! Spending 20 dollars(USD) for 5500 Cartel Market Coins (-50% Subscriber Discount) …

28 thoughts on “Buying 5500 Cartel Coins In-Game for $20! (50% Subscriber Discount) SWTOR Cartel Market

  1. Wish this discount was up now… I really want to rename my guild _. I've already been subscribed for years, I'm legendary status and god knows how much money i've poured into this game.
    It's just not fair… especially when my guild just got hacked and had all it's encryptions stolen. The dev's aren't doing anything about it or compensating shit.

    It's not fair…

  2. Hey letaiks if i ever won ur 20$ thingy can u buy me shadow of raven cuz man where i live i cant do shit with anything related to starwars

  3. I imagine you don't have a problem with credits in the game, but one way to spend those CC is to buy a hypercrate of whatever the newest cartel pack is (I suggest waiting for the next one) and then selling the 24 individual packs for around 400.000 credits each.
    That'll give you anything from 7 to 11 million credits to play with 🙂

    Or you could just use them for collections unlocks.

  4. yes I bought artifact gear, since I was subscribed I already have 2 bonus quick bars… we'll see, may be I'll buy something for a future character (non-legacy bounty hunter for example)|

  5. might i recommend buying some unlocks for your Poena future
    i do remember you sending the artifact equipment authorization thingy to her but maybe some legacy titles or character titles or quick bar


  6. I'm still debating on spending the 20 beans, it's just.. I have 3k cc points now and I have not one clue what to spend any of it on :O I think you must be in the same position now!

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