Discount || Profit & Loss Percentage? || Lesson-4

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38 thoughts on “Discount || Profit & Loss Percentage? || Lesson-4

  1. Thank you so much sir 🙏 I have preparing for a compitative exams. So the way you are expaling each lesson improving my skils. Thankyou so much once again sir you are helpfull to Me with a free classes

  2. great teaching sir
    you are incredible

  3. Sir u explain each and every point to us in a specified manner as if we are kids ……..thanq so much sir not seen explantion like this before

  4. Sir one doubt ans panunga… Nenga post panirukra video paathale… Namma sbi po ibps po exams both pre plus main crack paniralama? Ila inum nenga cover pana vendiya topic irukungala? Pls ans….

  5. B is 40% less efficient than A and efficiency of C is 1/4 th the efficiency of A and B every 3rd day, then all three together complete the work in 27 3/4 days. Find in how many days will B alone complete the work

  6. A B C together complete a piece of work in 15 15/17 days and A and B together complete same piece of work in 22 1/2 days. B is 40% less efficient than A. Find in how many days A alone can complete the same work. If he is working 20% more efficient ly…. PLZ Do question of this form

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