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Shopping for tires can be overwhelming, intimidating and even deflating.

With so many technical terms, specific sizes, codes and types, it’s easy to go a little crazy when looking to buy. Fortunately, Treadwell® is here to change all of that.

Treadwell® is a digital tire-matching system developed by Discount Tire to personalize and deliver optimal tire recommendations for your vehicle. Just like a service technician would in-store, Treadwell® digitally advises you on tires to fit your budget, driving style, geographic location and safety needs. Simply input the year, make, model and trim of your vehicle, and Treadwell® will cross-reference millions of unbiased data points in real-time before rolling in your recommendations.

The best part? It only takes a minute or two to get an easy-to-understand set of personalized tire recommendations right at your fingertips. What are you waiting for? Check out the Treadwell® tool here, by Discount Tire:



When you buy tires or wheels online at Discount Tire, you can schedule your appointment at the same time. Discount Tire’s convenient system allows you to find a time slot that works best for your schedule, and pair you with your closest Discount Tire service location. Discount Tire will then hold your newly purchased items, so they’re ready when you roll in.



In the age of Coronavirus, simple errands like taking your car in for maintenance can seem daunting. Fortunately, the expert technicians at Discount Tire have social distancing and touchless service practices down to a science, making auto service appointments easier than ever.

Stay in your car during service appointments and experience your own personal pitstop at Discount Tire. Schedule an appointment or shop Discount Tire’s exclusive collection of tires and wheels below.

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15 thoughts on “Discount Tire – The Touchless Experience”
  1. Every time I go to Discount Tires or any other tire shop, the front desk guy always gives me the same bait and switch routine…. "I'm looking at my inventory and I don't have those tires in stock, but I do have similar brand in stock".

  2. went there got the tires put on. one big issue i have when i got home my hood on my car was not closed all the way.. i checked my dash cam one of your workers popped the hood but never closed it back. i did not notice it until i got home- it was just latched but not shut all the way. why would a tire shop pop the hood? then not close it back all the way??? i have it on video. 2 stars off safety issue . watch out folks check your hood before you leave this place for some reason their workers pop hoods.

  3. then i went too this local tire shop said we dont have that tire size- i have a chevy. a tire place without a tire that fits a chevy. i have had more issues with tire shops i tell you.. but we will see about discount tire i am going soon

  4. other tire shop took 3hrs put tires on like i said a big tire store. plus i had a set up time still took them 3hrs. when you set a time you should be next for that time you set. not a 2hr wait

  5. going this morning have tires put on- i was told a sign with my name will be out park my car in there someone will come out.? we will see how it goes. last tire shop i went too got a 2 star score from me- big tire store too. sad when a tire place cant serve you good with tires.

  6. My reason for reaching out is not only to bring your attention to my most recent experience at your Mansfield, Tx location; I hope to also encourage your team to reach out to your employees and retrain them as it seems that they have lost or forgotten Discount Tire’s founding principles. I went to your Mansfield, TX store on January 12 of 2021 to purchase a tire. At pickup time I noticed that my car was missing the center wheel cap, I brought it to Kim’s (assistant manager) attention, in hopes that he would be able to resolve this problem. He comes back telling me that the tech who installed my tire claims that it was already missing the wheel cap. I continue to reassure him that my wheel cap was not missing prior to me dropping off my vehicle. Kim then lashes out at me being very disrespectful and accusing me of lying.He stated that I must have taken the wheel cap off when I removed my tire and installed the spare. In order for me to remove my tire all I had to do was take off the lug nuts, there was no need for me to remove my wheel cap. He continues to deny any negligence in their part, he never once tried to be understanding and make it right or even try to listen to my needs. That wheel cap had to have been removed by the tech who balanced my new tire. I have previous management experience and know that is no way to treat your customers. After failing to come to terms with Kim, I try to communicate with other team members in hopes that I would be listened, after a few failed attempts I leave the store with an unexpected expense and a horrible experience. I then proceed to call the store hoping that someone else answers and to my luck Jeremy answers and he treats me with the outmost respect he listens to me and he agrees that there was no need for me to take that wheel cap off. Jeremy listen to my needs and offers to make it right he offers to replace that missing wheel cap. It saddens me that a handful of your employees can give someone a horrible experience. This was my first time and sadly my last time doing business with Discount Tire. At the end of the day even after Jeremy’s offer to make things right I can’t make myself go back to a place where I was treated so horribly. All I want from your company at this point is to teach every single employee to be more like Jeremy, to treat people with respect and fairness, care for those in need, always do what is right, work hard, be responsible, and be able to admit when you are wrong. I have proof that my wheel cap was in fact in on my wheel in case you are in what ever way doubtful, I hope this reaches all the higher ups in this company and they step up and prevent this from repeating itself.

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