Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

The founder of a prominent liquor chain in the Las Vegas area has died. Hae Un Lee, better known as Mr. Lee, passed away at an area hospital on Friday after a battle with pancreatic cancer, according to Lee’s Discount Liquor.

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27 thoughts on “Founder of Las Vegas staple Lee’s Discount Liquor, Mr. Lee, dies at 79”
  1. Good Riddance ~ one less democRAT taking up valuable oxygen on the planet! 🙂 🙂 AA or myself will NOT be sending flowers , the repulsive commercials will not be missed either ! ! especially the one where he looked directly into the camera and flips ewe off. One less drug dealer in Las Vegas is a good thing ! ! ! ! The fact that sissysack sent his condolences really "says" it all. Just how much money did this one owe me after all the tax dollars poured into south korea ???????

  2. He used to run up and down Loan Mountain sometimes several times a day. He was so kind he would give me grief for being late starting and encourage my husband to keep going on his weight loss journey. Such a kind man. Rip

  3. I remember regularly visiting his Commercial Center location when Mr. Lee's age wasn't too far from his son's present age.
    Thank you for adding your sparkle to the light of Las Vegas. Farewell, Mr. Lee.

  4. so i am supposed to believe that a man from korea can come here in 1980 and open 20 liquor stores, yet black and native americans that been here for centuries going to school, still cant open one liquor store in the valley because we not working hard enough? or maybe we not genetically smart enough huh?

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