Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

Today we look at the Harbor Freight Coupons for October 2021 Monthly Savings Deals, Plus a FREE Item Coupon and the Latest Deals of the week. There are over 130 items of Instant Savings Coupons in this Harbor Freight Coupon Flyer. The October Instant Savings Flyer has a lot of different tools on sale. We’ll Talk Tools and look at what coupons are good and which ones to stay away from! What does Harbor Freight have on Sale for this time? I’ll share with you which tools I believe are worth buying and which one to stay away from. Some items in this flyer are 20% off, 25% off and even 50% off with these Coupons, but some are still over priced when compared to other retailers. If you want to know how a product will perform before you buy it, check out my Harbor Freight playlist below and you will see lots of Harbor Freight products reviewed and put through torture tests. I always give you an Honest opinion of the tools I review because I am not associated with ANY tool company. Some folks may not like what they hear in my reviews, but my reviews are the honest truth from someone who uses tools every day!

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19 thoughts on “Harbor Freight Coupons October 2021 Plus Free Item Coupon & Discount Deals of the Week”
  1. Eric Smidt the son of the original owner has taken over and is really money hog. His dad established harbor freight when Eric was 9 years old. There was a big court case with his father suing him, but his fault to pass the stock to his son. The escorted his dad out of headquarters. If you read the notes on Harbor Freight , he notes he establish the company himself (really at 9 years old lol). Now he got a loan from the company for $500M to buy a home in LA and luxury items. Got rid of 20% coupon. Also many of the managers of harbor freight who originally worked with his dad and were promised reward if and when company became successful are laid off. This is what happens when children are spoiled by their parents

  2. Do like me, buy regular belts an cut them in proper widths just stick the point of a small knife in the spots you mark and just make s small cut in the direction on the belt an rip slowly the belt into smaller widths. Works for me an you get good quality belts .

  3. That air 6 inch sander i got one similar a few months back and the first time i used it the sanding pad took off like a bat out of hell and will not stay on piss poor design i made a keyway to keep it frome coming off again

  4. The little hand transfer pump is a no go. Use it for gasoline once or twice and it becomes so stiff and hard to pump that it's useless. I had one of another brand (looked exactly like the HF pump) and it gave good service until it wore out but it never became stiff like the H F pump.

  5. H F needs to do something with their 90 day warrantee. It's the lowest in the industry.
    Instead, they want to sell you an extended warranty which is actually a price increase on the tool.

  6. Just a note on the tire air gauges, they are notoriously inaccurate.
    If you buy one, be sure to check it against a gauge with known accuracy.
    I bought one of the big heavy duty (truck tire) gauges and it's off TEN pounds, WORTHLESS !

  7. I have the angle grinder I got for 9.99 on sale this was about 3/ 4 years ago . I have noticed that drill master is the same as warrior same quality just more expensive because of the rebrand

  8. I can’t see buying a battery and charger to support some off-brand HF tool. Most folks have one or two major brands that they stick with to support a variety of tools.

  9. You want cheap rags? That’s what worn out t-shirts, flannel pajamas, etc. are for! Instead of throwing out old towels with holes, p.j.’s etc. and then buying rags from the store, just cut up your old flannel and terry cloth and throw them in a rag box!

  10. To be completely honest i see harbor freight sales taking a nose dive here really soon
    People wont pay the inflated prices for harbor freight brands when lowes and home depot have familiar name brands for the same price and sometimes considerably cheaper
    Also harbor freight needs
    To understand that amazon and ebay are also have better prices
    I should also mention
    That i now shop around
    Before going to harbor freight as theyre prices arent to good anymore

  11. Well it sure is funny how the 26 gallon fortress is 379 on the website but on the coupon it's 399 with forty dollars off not a sale false advertising guess I'll go buy somewhere else I don't like liars

  12. Regarding your question about Craftsman hand tools being replaced at Lowes.

    Had three different occasions where I have returned hand tools to Lowe's for replacement, Craftsman brand

    The first one was when Lowes's originally picked up Craftsman and the last one was just last week.

    All three returns involve tools that Lowe's stocks on the Shelf.

    All three returns were basically the same.

    Go to the shelf and pick a like tool.

    The customer service desk basically scans the tool, filled out some paperwork, I signed something. And I walk out the store with a brand new craftsman tool😁

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