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Here’s how you can get discounts on apple products in india as a college student. If you are in college and have a college email, you can avail this discount using apple’s india website.
Make sure to verify using unidays process.
this is how i got upto 20K discount on my macbook air and mac mini

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49 thoughts on “How I Got HUGE Discounts on Macbook Air & Mac Mini | Apple India Student Discounts Explained”
  1. Im really confused what does it mean by college mail,? can anyone explain me, is it provided by the college, or do i have to ask the college for my mail?

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  3. They ask you to verify with a recent college id but since the pandemic ive not been able to go to college and get the id card for this year , does admission receipt work as a supporting document ??

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  5. Bro this question's keep messing my head….I'm going to college this year…like the admissions have started only now…I need a MacBook air I haven't joined the college yet….I still don't have a college email ID pleasee for effing gods sake clarify this thing to mee

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