How to Add a Coupon Code to Etsy Discount Code

Mini-tutorial, etsy discount code tips and tricks. Video tutorial. Do you want a discount code to my shop too? XOXO Renae.

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13 thoughts on “How to Add a Coupon Code to Etsy Discount Code

  1. Hi I started my Etsy shop two years ago and my goal is to be stay at home full time shop owner, working at home would be a dream come true, i can have more time for creating new designs and handling my business.  I'll also have more time for cute poodle Puqui.  thank you for these tutorials, they're helping me a lot!  

    Q: what exactly do you do after you've created the discount code?  

  2. I recently aquired a code – I was terrified! But then the doctor told me it was just an alergy and not to worry. Whew! … uhm … but I guess you were talking about another kinda code.., so never mind. 🙂
    Another cool tutorial with awesome gag reel at the end as always! (hugs)

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