Thu. Sep 1st, 2022

In this series of videos we address the concepts of institutional market structure, so that at the end you will understand who you are up against
when you place a trade.

In this fourth part we explore the premium vs discount concept and we discuss how equilibrium, premium and discount affect market structure.

Once you understand how the market defines over sold and over bought conditions without using RSI, Stochastic or William %R indicators, your trading will be transformed.
We also discuss how the market structure series videos can be used to
our advantage when decoding institutional market structure.

I have important links below that can help you start out the journey.

Link to my “Basic ICT Candlesticks” video:

Link to my “Time & Price Theory” video:

Find ICT’s channel below:

Find No Nonsense Forex Channel below:

Hope you’ll find this helpful, until the next one, This is the way!

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