Here are Discount Offers for April 2022 explained on SUV, Sedan and Hatchback Segment in India. Latest Offers on Cars


  1. Sir , i have brought skoda kouhaq on 31 march 2022 and today i seen floor matt on driver side and co passenger side are torn ? Could you detailed why this is ? Or it’s standard in all skoda kouhaq cars?

  2. Agar video me sirf kaam ki baat ki hoti to video interesting or short ban jata.. matlab sirf un gadiyo ke bare me batate jis par discount hai.. samjhe Mr.

  3. Sir maine Tata ki car book kari hai recently. Book karne se pahle dealership and sales person ka attitude bohot caring and acha tha and booking karne ke baad bilkul hi change hogya. Ab toh sales person 3 mai se 1 baar mera phone pick kar rahe hai and pahle 'Sir good morning' se ab 'Han Bhai' karte hai phone par and kafi rude tone mai baat kar rahe hai.

    Mujhe to darr lag rha hai delivery milegi bhi ya nahi.

    Kya karna chahie ?

  4. Sir please make video on Carens price hike. I booked it and now it's looking like a scam after price hike. No vlogger is making video on this, but we can expect truth from you. Like if you want a video on this.

  5. I watch all the videos regularly & they're informative & helpful, however the subject line for this particular video feels so misleading. You kept the subject line as 'FIRE SALE DISCOUNT OFFERS ON CARS IN APRIL', only to disappointment poor viewers to inform that there aren't any offers available.

  6. Don't watch this video… No relavance with heading and video content… Headline says fire sale, in video he says no discounts… Looks like puting fire sale to increase views for his benefit… Useless!!! I use to follow this channel for its content… Now I think its high time to stop watching!!!

  7. This is the best time to take a careful look at vehicles that are available in the second hand market instead of the new car market. In the second hand car market one can get fantastic discounts on all varieties of vehicles, so much so that even if one were to invest an additional Rs. 150000/- to even Rs. 200000/- on a used vehicle purchase to mechanically overhaul and replace worn parts (eg tyres) then one can still obtain a very decent safe long term vehicle, especially for use in tier II cities and rural areas. The added advantage will be the lack of the high content of electronic gadgetry that now comes inbuilt with new cars. Manufacturers of these new age electronic features in today's vehicles have sadly, not taken time out to iron out the problems that result in not only expensive replacements but also total loss of peace of mind with new car ownership. The Desi brands in particular, are guilty of this issue with many disgruntled customers.
    Yes, it is time for value seeking Indian consumers, to seriously look at better options available in the used car market of this country. Best of all, there is no long waiting periods in the used car market, and choice is a plenty!

  8. I bought Ciaz Zeta Splendid Silver last week only… Looking forward to some motivation if I should make the channel for that and if audience really want to look at it ???

  9. क्या कोई साथी बता सकते हैं कि नैनो टाटा इलैक्ट्रिक कैसी गाड़ी रहेगी
    रोजाना पचास किमी आना जाना हो
    और घर में सोलर सिस्टम लगा हो??

  10. It seems banana hai video…dimag se… Dil se nahi (as usual)… Using Tag lines se…. Content… Majja nahi hai content mai.. Better hota.. Tagline be like.. Genuine "No discount" 🙏🏻🤔

  11. Gagan sir aap bhi Modi hai please Modi ji se kahiye shadi kar lijiye jindagi me thehrav ajayega ta ki hum garibo ko gas,petrol Kam hoga to car le payenge bohot mehngai hogyi hai..😂🤣🙏

  12. Sir, I think mahindra dealers are trying to cheat customers. They don't mention full offers. They say it's 25k cash discount or 25k worth accessories.. this is for xuv300 w8 optional in tamilnadu.

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