System Stress Test: 99% Discount!

The most impressive promotion we’ve ever had: The ZAP-Hosting Stress Test with 99% Discount!
On December 22nd use the code “99off-stresstest” to reduce the price of your new product to 1% of its original cost.

– Bound to one-month period products
– Only for PayPal and Credit Card checkouts
– Made to stress-test our system during intense loads of ordering requests

Check out what UTC Time means:

Find your Gameservers here:

Lookin’ for a VPS?:

Need for power?

Alles vom Minecraft Server bis hin zum GTA V Server!

Einzigartig, Elegant & Schnell – Das ist ZAP 2.5

Dein eigener Teamspeak 3 Server?

Das komplette Angebot
Gameserver, TeamSpeak, vServer, Rootserver, Webspace & TLDs, ONE-Times, Forum, Blog.


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25 thoughts on “System Stress Test: 99% Discount!

  1. OH GOD IM SO EXCITED!! Zap, you're like the best hosting website I've used ! Once my server ssd died and you gave me 5 Euro! Not to forget the discounts!

  2. 1 Monat nahezu gratis das hat was :).aber eine frage hätte ich. Handelt es sich um Prepaid oder ist es so das es danach wieder den Originalen Preis kostet? Lieben dank.

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