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✓ What is Volume Discount app?

Volume discount is the easiest ever way to setup a dynamic discount campaign based on cart total, cart product nature and number. No matter if you are trying to increase your revenue or offer a special pricing to bulk purchase or you just simply want to add a wholesale pricing, volume discount is a must have app. You don’t have to make any changes in your products or store except installing our app and setting it up. The app takes care of the rest heavy lifting.

✓ USE CASES ➝ What can you do with Volume Discount app?

You can setup a whole pricing for your bulk shoppers. And you can add multiple rules for it. For example, 15% discount for minimum order of 10 copies.

You can setup a range using multiple rules. For example 15% discount for 10-20 copies, 20% discount for 20-30 copies and so on.

You can launch a immersive discount campaign for cart total or number of products in cart to encourage your customers to buy more. For example, buy $50 or more to get 10% discount, $75 and get 15% discount.

Create a promo Buy 1 get 1 free

Also you can offer discount based on total number of products and design campaigns like buy 3 and get 1 free or 20% off

You can design a free shipping offer for minimum amount of cart total. For example, buy $50 and get free shipping.

Also you can design buy 1 and get 1 free campaign using the discount based on number of added copies of same product.

Apply a discount to a wholesale collection which include all products for wholesalers

Volume discount offers total immersive shopping experience by dynamically updating discounts based on shopper’s activity and your preset rules. It has so many diverse usages only limited by your imagination and strategy.

You Can do a lot more stuff because the app is incredibly flexible so you can do much more!

✓ How it works?

To start with volume discount, you will need a coupon code. With simple and self-explanatory campaign dashboard, it will take less than a minute to configure the app for your store. Once you are done with setup the app will keep running in background on total autopilot. You can update or modify your campaign preferences anytime you want.

Add products to the cart in our demo store and the app will keep adding discounts based on the cart total. Current setting will give 10% discount for $25 or more cart total and 20% for $50 or more cart total. The app is also configured to give 30% discount for shopping 4 or more products at the same time.

We offer 100% free and full access trial for 14 days. Try it yourself and see the difference. Our paid version is super cheap comparing the result it generates.

✴PREMIUM✴ Automatic discounts by setting the rules.

Test it ➝ Add two or more products to cart get the cart total to $25 or more ➝ You will get 10% off

➝ Add two or more products to cart get the cart total to $50 or more ➝ You will get 20% off

➝ Get 30% discount for shopping 4 or more products at the same time.

You can create custom rules that will be checked every time a user adds something to the cart. Based on what’s in the cart, the discount will be automatically applied, without any link nor coupon code

Automatic Discount rules apply on what’s in the shopping cart, based on:

Amount of the order

Total number of items

Number of different items

Important: Only 1 rule per order is applied and the rest is ignored. If you set multiple rules, put the most important one at top (usually the biggest discount). For example, put the 20% discount above the 10% discount.

The most important is to make sure you put the most important rule at top (the bigger discount, in most of the case)

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